The International Fox​

Woodfire Restaurant


Please advise staff if you have any allergies

 Gluten free or keto base $6


Meat lovers

Tomato base, mozarella, ham, salami, chorizo, chicken, bacon and onion


White base, mozarella, sliced tomato, chorizo, capsicum, onion and chilli flakes


White base, mozarella, pumpkin, blue cheese, purple sage and a drizzle of honey


BBQ base, mozarella, ham, prawns and pineapple

Pesto chicken

Pesto base, mozarella, sliced tomato, chicken, onions, mushrooms and parsley


Tomato base, mozarella, sardines, black olives and ground black pepper


Tomato base, mozarella, garlic, prawns and scallops


Tomato base, mozarella, spinach, carrot, sliced tomato, capsicum, mushrooms, olives and onion

Super Supreme

Tomato base, mozarella, ham, salami, chorizo, bacon, onion, mushroom, capsicum and olives

Salmon and Blue

White base, mozarella, baby spinach, tasmanian smoked salmon, blue cheese, red onions, parsley and dill

Pepper Steak Truffle

Tomato pepper base, mozarella, sliced roast beef, mushrooms, onions, chilli with a truffle aioli swirl.

Lamb Tzatziki

Tomato base, mozarella, lamb marinated in lemon and oregano, red onions and topped with a Tzatziki sauce swirl

BBQ Chicken and Bacon

BBQ sauce base, mozarella, chicken, bacon, red onions, mushrooms and parsley

Nutella and raspberry pizza

with icecream $15

Starters $12.50

Thai fish cakes

Indian samosas

Chinese honey soy kebabs

Desserts $12.50

 Cheesecake of the day with an almond biscuit crumb

English bread and butter pudding with berries

Affogato:- espresso coffee with vanilla bean icecream